Safari Global Market- African store in Lafayette, Indiana.

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Safari Global Market is an African grocery store which specialized in the selling of premium quality African food products. Although most African dishes combine meat (such as goat, cow, etc.), fish (mackerel, tilapia, etc.), leaves (Bitter, Spinach, etc.), beans, plantain, cereals, with groundnut and palm oil, and spices (pepper, etc.). Most cuisine or dishes that people of African origin cook or eat are as diverse as the many cultures that exist on the continent African. Providing authentic African grocery products allows African culture to be shared and enjoyed by different African group and other people that are not from African.  Safari Global Market wants to reimagine how you how customers – in and around Lafayette get their authentic African products. We want to make it easier for African and nonAfrican students and families to get into a place and get all the ingredients they need to prepare snacks, soups, tasty stews, soups, and other African cuisines. 

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Safari Global Market-African store, serve both African and others.